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Veneers are individually fabricated, wafer-thin ceramic shells that are placed on the front teeth.

Malocclusions, discolorations or too large interdental spaces can be corrected with veneers. Even if you are dissatisfied with the shape or size of your front teeth, a veneer restoration is one of the possible solutions.

When it comes to highly aesthetic anterior restorations, you should not leave anything to "chance".

Careful planning, direct communication and close exchange with the dental technician as well as the use of new digital technologies such as 3D Face Scan give both the dentist and the patient security with regard to treatment success and satisfaction with the end result.

Your way to the perfect smile with veneers:

  • Consultation
  • Imprints
  • 3D face scan in the dental laboratory, colour determination, discussion with the dental technician
  • Visualisation session: you see photos and a video of your face with the Veneers
  • Preparation, impression, temporary restoration
  • Aesthetic session and fitting. Changes can also be made at this time
  • Insertion of the veneers
  • You can enjoy your new smile!

Veneers are very individual

With veneers, we can give our patients back the teeth they once had years ago. Or the teeth they have always dreamed of, because they have not had them in the desired shape before. We would be pleased to advise you personally.