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Professional tooth cleaning (PTC) - Dental Practice Müllerstraße in the Glockenbachviertel
Professional tooth cleaning (PTC)

Professional dental cleaning, in short: PTC, is part of a thorough prophylaxis session, during which the teeth are cleaned:

  • the oral hygiene status is recorded
  • the teeth and interdental spaces are intensively cleaned
  • a thorough polishing of the tooth surfaces is carried out
  • the teeth are fluoridated
  • You will then receive helpful tips on how to optimally carry out and improve oral hygiene at home

Even if you do everything right at home and have very good oral hygiene, plaque will deposit over time in places that are difficult to access and cannot be sufficiently removed with a toothbrush. Professional tooth cleaning should therefore be carried out once or twice a year.

Professional dental cleaning also serves to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and the development of caries. Professional tooth cleaning is the therapy for existing gingivitis.

In patients with periodontitis, professional tooth cleaning is the main component of maintenance therapy and should be carried out at appropriately short intervals of 3 months.

Good oral hygiene for the expectant mother is extremely important for the unborn child when it wishes to have children or during pregnancy. In this case, you should have a PTC performed if possible.

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